Monday, December 01, 2008

Getting her land legs

"Hmmm....I wonder what's in here?"

"Maybe if I move my knees a bit closer..."

"And closer...."

"Whoah, now! That's different..."

And...she's UP!

And getting better every day.

I'm so not ready for this. (sniff)


b. said...

She's soooo cute and such a big girl!!

But I get why you *sniff*...

Elizabeth-W said...

Could I just keep her for about a week??! Any longer and you'd never get her back :)
It makes me horribly baby hungry looking at those sweet pictures!

cari said...

And now the fun begins. It really is sad when they reach this stage! She is totally adorable!


We used to own that same Exersaucer!!!!

I won't gross you out and tell you the tale of how many times i had to scrub the bottom of that thing with a toothbrush after my son had diarrhea and then splattered it around with his feet. It made me exceptionally grateful to live in Houston where I could hose off poopy toys and poopy boys outside most of the year.


Baby Pottymouth is the cutest!

Sister Pottymouth said...

EWL: Too late--you grossed me out. However, my oldest son was spinning in that very Exersaucer one night and threw up in the tray. He filled the whole thing just as I was walking out the door to go to Young Women. Lucky Phil had to clean it all up. (neener neener!)

b.: Thanks. I think she's adorable.

Elizabeth-W: Isn't she sweet? Next time you're down here you can borrow her for a few minutes. I don't think I could give her up for even a day. ;-)

cari: It's kind of bittersweet, isn't it? She's so much fun right now, but it's sad to realize how quickly she's growing up.

dalene said...

I'm sniffing now too. Where does the time go?

wendysue said...

Big girl! I love that age of figuring everything out! My little one will be there all too soon.

Queen Scarlett said...

You are making me a big baby hungry... that perfect round head... the adorable cheeks... sTOP! ;-)

Tiffany said...

Hey, thanks for visiting my blog and recognizing me from High school. I don't recognize you, crazy I know, but hey you had name to go by. I looked and looked at your pic and still don't know, I mean high school was 20 yrs ago so you have to forgive me. Email me with info, I am dying to know who my long lost friend is.
Your family is so cute.