Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Highlights

Favorite things about Sacrament Meeting today: the blinking shamrock light necklace worn by the elderly sister sitting behind us; the talks; the choir number ("Take My Life and Let It Be"--one of my favorites, partly because I love to play triplets); J Boo begging Phil (in full voice) to let her "swide" down his legs.

Worst part of coming home: Atticus accusing me of playing favorites and creating rules that apply only to him; lamenting, once again, that I cannot be as generous and flexible with Atticus as I can with Sweet Boy and Mr. Wiggle Brows because he will take advantage of it and use it against me in the future.

Best part of coming home: eating chocolate-covered strawberries, hand-dipped personally just for me and slipped surreptitiously into my hands when the choir got up to sing. I have amazing friends.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Favorite News Story of the Day

This makes me giggle. Can you picture it? A rogue knitter making sweaters for tree branches and lamp poles under cover of darkness. I love it. What would you call this person? I like The Purl Shadow. And how about a name for the sidekick? Hmm...maybe The Drop Stitch.