Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's a Curse

See this lizard? It represents what I have started to refer to as The Curse. You see, I have this uncanny ability to find things. It's very handy when I'm looking for something important that I have lost, but it's a curse when my children have lost something important that I wish would stay lost. Case in point: about a year and a half ago, J Boo insisted on carrying this lizard around with her EVERYWHERE. As is typical with any small child, she would drop it somewhere in the house and, after several hours, realize she no longer had it on her person. Drama and tragic wailing would ensue, along with, "Find it, Mama!"

Enter The Curse. I would look everywhere I knew she had been playing, and everywhere she could possibly have been playing, and I would somehow find it. Every stinking time. I took her with me to IKEA a while back to meet a friend. As we were walking through the housewares, J Boo discovered that Lizard was missing. Where she dropped it, I had no idea. I was sure it was gone. She was devastated. And when J Boo is devastated, I go into search and rescue mode. We backtracked very carefully, looking down on the floor or on top of the displays. And there it was, a little black from other shopping carts running over it a couple of times, but still in one piece. I could not believe it.

It happens every time. Just two days ago, J Boo could not remember where she left a little toy mouse she had been playing with. We were on our way out the door, and it HAD to come with us. Could she find it? No. Could I find it? No. Or so I thought. On the way out the door, I turned my head back over my shoulder to encourage J Boo to hurry up and...there it was. That damn mousie thing was behind the massage chair.

It's a curse, I'm telling you.