Thursday, November 20, 2008

Conversations at My House

Seriously folks, this just happened. I typed it as I witnessed it, so my apologies if it feels disjointed. I know I missed a couple of things because, hey, I can't type that fast anymore.

S: {sigh}........{siiiiigh}

Me: What's wrong?

S: A-- won't let me play with J--. {sigh}

Me: Why?

S: Because he says my jobs aren't done. That I can't play with her until my jobs are done.

T: Yeah, he's trying to be in charge, and he's not in charge. Mooooom, A-- is eating crackers on the chair!

[We don't allow food in the living room.]

Me: A--, no food in the living room. And you are not in charge. [He hears this phrase hundreds of times every day, literally.]

T: Mooooom, come and see. He's still doing it.

A: But look how I'm doing it. I'm not making a mess!

Me: [Seeing that he's holding the bowl of crackers clear up to his chin] Food stays in the kitchen. You get greasy fingers on the chairs when you do that.

[no response from A--]

T: I want to watch Curious George!

A: No. I picked this show.

T: But I want to watch Curious Geoooooooorge! [bursts into tears]


T: I want to turn the TV this way.

A: No. I'm the one that chose the channel, I'm the one who's watching it, so I get to decide. I'm the only one who gets to watch because I chose the show.

Me: No, you don't. As long as you're eating, you have to stay in the kitchen, so the TV gets turned towards the kitchen. And everyone gets to watch.

S: [from the bathroom] So when it's movie night and you don't pick the show then you don't get to watch, A--.

A [yelling]: Guess what, S--? You're not in charge! So shush!!!

Me: [thinking, not saying] Now that's the kettle calling the pot black.

S-- comes back and he and A-- then engage in a viewing battle wherein both of them sway back and forth like pendulums, A-- in front of S-- and telling S-- that he can't watch because his jobs aren't done. Now who's trying to be in charge and play police?

A to S: I'm going to tell your friends that you watch Curious George.

S: [yelling] A--!!!! Please stop! Please don't tell them that I watch Curious George. It wouldn't be nice.

A: [in that snotty voice] So? I'm going to tell them anyway. Go get your jobs done.

Any wonder why I lose my patience by the end of the day?


dalene said...

Now I want to watch Curious George.

Do you have any crackers?

Sister Pottymouth said...

There are a few crackers left, but you'll have to eat them in the kitchen. And you have to pronounce "Curious George" just like T-- does...

"Tyooreeus Djordj"

Elizabeth-W said...

The thing about more kids is that there are more people to whine and fuss at. When there are just two kids, they only have each other. I honestly think that having a little variety might be nice. :)

NiHao said...

So what is the big deal about A-- telling S--'s friends that he watches Curious George? D-- watches it and he's 11. I even watched a little of it the other night and I must admit it is better than most of the other cartoons on tv.

Just tell S that his uncle watches it too sometimes and he doesn't need to worry about what A-- thinks. :-)

Lyle said...

It's good to know my kids are just as normal as your kids. Lately, our oldest has been trying to micro manage our parenting of her younger brothers.

Melody said...

Wet my pants - again. I can hear them both . ..
"Tyooreeus Djordj"!!