Monday, August 10, 2009

Uncanny Resemblance

And now a game of who's who...

Friday, August 07, 2009

Things I've Heard at My House Lately

These are the nice ones. I won't describe the one where Atticus called Phil a Nazi. (I kid you not.)


While going through Atticus' shirts to see what still fits, he informed me that he would not be wearing the nice, hand-me-down sports T-shirts because he's not familiar with the teams.

"So?" I said.

"People ask me who the teams are and I don't know enough about sports to tell them." (spoken with that "duh" tone of voice that only a teenage son uses)


With an exasperated sigh, he replied, "Moooom, you might as well tattoo 'I don't get out much' on my forehead!" He used gestures and everything. I thought I was going to wet myself from laughing so hard. I know, you had to be there, but truly, it was funny.


I took Sweet Boy and Mr. Wiggle Brows on errands yesterday, one of which included the office supply store. Mr. Wiggle Brows found several things of interest, but his favorites, the two that inspired a near melt down, were a packing tape dispenser and.......duct tape.

"But I want my OWN duct tape! I don't want to use yours. I NEED it."

Um, dude, you're not even in Kindergarten yet. What the hell do you need duct tape and a tape gun for?


J Boo says lots of things now, and can get anything she wants from her Daddy by just saying "Thank you!" but she captivated us completely last night when we realized she was singing "Mahna Mahna." Yeah, that one. It was awesome. (That's for you, ~j.)