Thursday, December 04, 2008

Snort-Worthy Words

I went to parent-student-teacher conferences today with A--. He's an excellent student with a few predictable concerns. His math teacher said that although he's very smart, her only concern is that he never stops talking. And while A-- can talk and learn at the same time (how?), others around him cannot. In contrast, A--'s choir teacher praised his lack of conversation with a boy who constantly talks to A-- during class. I was, frankly, shocked to hear this. A-- is the child who never stops talking at home. Never. Taking him shopping is a mind-numbing experience because the questions come, literally, about twenty a minute. He can't even stop long enough to hear my answers.

On our way home, I quizzed A-- about his behavior. He assured me that he doesn't talk when his math teacher is talking, which is good because, as he said, "Even I have to listen to figure out how to do that stuff." When I asked him why he doesn't talk during choir, his response nearly caused me to bite my tongue off trying not to laugh out loud....

"Well, I have to use my mouth for other things during choir. It's too busy to talk."


cari said...

Smart and funny! He's got it all doesn't he.

Queen Scarlett said...

Hilarious... you have smart cookies. ;-)

My oldest sounds like that... never.ever.stops.talking. She's too smart for her own good...

Lyle said...

At least he's able to be selective about it.

Carrot Jello said... have a son named
"A_ _"? How do you pronounce that?

W.V.: salsi
thats the singular for salsa