Monday, February 23, 2009

Just a Flesh Wound

As requested, here are some "after" pictures:

That steri strip is driving me bonkers!

But not as much as the rash from the dressing adhesive. This is the biggest patch of it (about as long as my hand and three fingers wide):

I told them I had a tape allergy. (And no, that is not boobage showing. It's my left shoulder, thankyouverymuch.)

On a tangent, here is what Sweet Boy and Too (Mr. Wiggle Brows) were doing tonight with a blanket.

Upon emerging from the cocoon, I asked Too (Mr. Wiggle Brows) if he was now a butterfly.

"No. I'm a biskeeto!"

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Falling among Cutthroats

Notice my lovely, scar-free neck:

(Yes, I know--there are wrinkles and a double chin.) Sadly, today is the last day that my neck will ever look this way again. Tomorrow I fall among cutthroats to have part (or possibly all) of my thyroid removed. (See what a haute nodule will get you?)

I'm not sure how I feel about the whole thing. The only other surgery I've ever had was a C-section, which really wasn't that bad. I wonder how many jokes I can make about the surgery and the resulting scar?

On a lighter note, Phil has requested that I use nicknames for the kids instead of just initials. You might have noticed them on the sidebar. I'm still toying with a couple of them, but Atticus is definitely a keeper. Sweet Boy could also be Lego Lover. Too might be too confusing, but I haven't come up with an alternative. And I may shorten J Boo to just Boo. Who knows?

I'm sure the anesthesia tomorrow and the subsequent pain meds should enhance my creativity.

Friday, February 06, 2009

I Believe in Autonomy

This is what T-- chose to wear today.

I know I'm fashion challenged, but I had hoped my children would have slightly better fashion sense. Then again, I'm not this bad.