Thursday, December 25, 2008

One of the BEST Santa letters...

This is S's letter to Santa for this year (written at school), errors and all:

Dear Santa,

Thank you for last years Skippyjon Jones book, How to draw dragons and other fantasie creatures, and the lego dumpster. I really liked the dumpster I could turn a knobs on it to make it dump, raise, and turn the machine. For this years presents I want a vulcan ebf-25 dart gun, a star wars plug'n play game, and a hypersonic operations aircraft legoset.

First, I want the vulcan eBF-25 because it can shoot very far and has a stand so you do'n't have to hold the heavy dart gun. It can shoot 3 darts per second! I can also hold it against my chest and shoot it It comes with like 60 darts.

Also, I want the star wars video game because I can bring it around to my friend's house and other houses like my relatives. The plun'n play video game would improve my eyesight and my relfexes.

In addition, I want the Mt61-hypersonic aircraft becauswe It has a quick-deployment platform, Flying ailien reserch center and twin-Attack cruisers. It would improve my building skill, imagination and my love of fiction.

I deserve all these things because they would improve my skill, eye-focus, imagination, building skill, reflexes, and self-defence. I also deserve these things because I would share these things with my family and friends.

To conclude, I would really like to have the vulcan ebf-25 The star wars the clone wars game and the Mt-61 hiper-sonic aircraft this year for christ-mas. can I have these three presents this year? Have a merry christmas!



b. said...

(he pleads such a good case!)

That picture is adorable of all of you!! Merry Christmas!

Queen Scarlett said...

He ought to teach business school. ;-)

Mrs. Organic said...

Now that is a great persuasive letter! Impressive.

Smitten Sister said...

Wow. He isn't going to have any problem writing ICEs (In
Class Essay, pronounced 'icky'... multiparagraph essays Mrs. Pierce spends an entire month on)

What a gold star kid!

The Muffin said...

wow! what grade is he in??

Sister Pottymouth said...

b: And he pleads in such an articulate and polite way...

QS: He should, shouldn't he?

Mrs. O: That's what I thought. I couldn't believe it was his--that's how dramatically his writing has improved in a few months.

SS: Welcome to the blog! Gold star for sure this kid is. He's amazing.

Muffin: 3rd. Can you believe it? I can't.

Funny thing is that he didn't get anything from his Santa letter, but he was absolutely thrilled with what he got. He's thanked us at least a dozen times since yesterday morning.

NOBODY said...


I read this twice, read it to my husband, and then read it again. It is hilarious. I love that his teacher assigned this.

The self-defence and reflexes part is just hilarious.

What a smart guy.

Sister Pottymouth said...

Nobody: It was so good I just had to post it. Just think: someday you'll be getting letters like this from Bo about Pokemon.

wendysue said...

Wow! I hope Santa came through. .

and improve eyesight? Maybe I should get one of those for Matt?

and I love the "in conclusion. . ."

Beth said...

Ha! So your son must be in my daughter's class at school. She came home with the same letter. Different toys, same concept.

Melody said...

"It has a quick-deployment platform, Flying ailien reserch center and twin-Attack cruisers..."
Who WOULDN'T want it!! Man, that is cool.

This letter is an amazing work of art. As is it's author and your entire family... and so is your blog.

And that dress like Fil day. What can I say. Hilarious!