Saturday, August 05, 2006

A Question for You, Dear Readers

What is the worst place to get a zit?

Please discuss.


becks said...

lets see...i'd say that the worst place is somewhere on the border of your lip. first of all, you feel self conscious if you kiss someone. then if you try to pop it, it hurts like crazy because lips are sensitive.

another bad place would probably be somewhere on your back that you can't reach to pop it.

if you can't tell, i like to pop my zits.

Elizabeth-W said...

When I was a teenager I invariably got one right between my eyebrows, so just a bit above the bridge of my nose. It was always those deep, under the skin, Mt. Vesuvius kind that took a bit to erupt so in the meantime it would just get bigger and bigger. Oh the psychic pain! Thanks for the re-traumatization!! Are you going to tell us where you think the worst place is?

Julie said...

Becks: Lip zits suck. Back zits can be pretty cool, though, if you can reach them well enough to get them. (I like to get mine too.)

Elizabeth W: Mt. Vesuvius zits are nasty, but when they finally come to a head, it's always cool to watch them explode all over the mirror. I got a really bad one like that in 8th grade that I still remember. I probably still have the scar on my face.

Yes, eventually I will reveal what I think is the worst place to have a zit. For now, I'll just string you along with the story of my worst case of zits ever. When I was pregnant with my first child, I had zits not only on my face, neck, back, and chest, I had them all the way down my arms to my wrists. It was horrible. So much for having great skin when pregnant.

Moi said...

I'd say eyelid. When they wax my eyebrows, they slather my eyelids with essential oil. It's really annoying, because it causes me to get zits.

Gloria Glo said...

Behind the ear. They hurt and never heal. I hate those.

Lyle said...

Because along the lips is already taken, I will have to vote for inside the ear. You can't squeeze them and they tend to hurt until they pop on their own.

LuckyRedHen said...

I've never had a zit so I wouldn't know; just kidding.

I'd have to agree with Lyle, inside ear because you can't get to it.

A boyfriend of mine had a doozy on the back of his head. He said that it stung a little but we couldn't see anything on the surface. He insisted I try popping it even though it didn't look ready. Okay. He laid face down and I straddled his back to assume the position of official zit popper. I squeezed but nothing happened except causing him more pain. The next day it was tender and he insisted I try again. Ditto because I love popping them. This time I was able to see a little bit under the surface and was raring to get to it. I started at the perimeter, slowly working it from beneath the skin to bring it to the top. Slowly, slowly. Patiently. He said it was hurting like a mother but wanted me to get it out. Alright. Then I saw the whiteness appear and I bore down with my fingers to get it out when...

KABLOOOOOOSH exploded all over me and into my hair. Yeah it was pretty gross yet very satisfying that I conquered the beast and made such a mess (I was able to hop right into the shower). When we found the seedling it looked like a cooked oatmeal flake on steroids. The thing had to have been about 1/4" in diameter. The next few days his head hurt like crazy but he still wanted me to slowly ease the remaining puss out to relieve the pressure build up.

Gross, huh?

Lianne said...

In the middle of your back. It itches, it grows, but you can't pop it yourself.

Kactiguy said...

Is it just me or is this disturbing? Julie, you have a freaky side that just gives me the creeps. I blame Phil.

Oh, inside the rim of the nose...

Julie said...

Carrot Jello: Eyelid zits are soooo painful. I'm feeling lucky that I don't get them very often. Maybe because I don't have my brows waxed.

Glo: I love the ones behind the ear that can't hide, but the ones that get down deep just under the back of my earlobe hurt like hell.

Lyle: You stole my thunder, sort of. Inside the ear is one of my top worst places to get a zit. I understand they are especially painful for nurses who are constantly sticking stethoscopes in their ear. Ouchy mama!

LuckyRedHen: What do you say after a classic zit story like that one? Except maybe to tell one of my own. Just after I was married, I got a huge zit in, of all places, my armpit. So I'm showing my new husband this massive, painful bump and decide to squeeze it to see what happens. It exploded all over his glasses and his face. He was not happy with me, but it sure was cool to see. By the way, armpit zits are also among my top worst places to get a zit.

Lianne: I make my dear hubby get the ones in the middle of my back that itch and drive me crazy. That's one of the reasons I married him.

Guy: Did you just call me a freak? Cause I know where you live, and all. Besides, flattery will get you anywhere. And no, you can't blame it all on Phil. Spend an evening with my brothers over dinner and you'll find the true source of my freak nature. By the way, remind me not to look at your nose next time I see you.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

The Church teaches about being an independent, self sufficient people. That's hard to do when you have a squishy unreachable butt pimple.

Those are the yuckiest because then the fabric of your pants brushes against it and irritates the delicate butt skin. Well, I don't know about you fine people, but mine is delicate.

Julie said...

rzThanks for all the input, dear readers. I shall postpone your curiousity no longer. This is my list (in no particular order) of worst places to have a zit:

1. Along the bikini line
2. Inside your ear
3. Armpit
4. Buttocks (thanks, Elastic, for mentioning this one before I had to)
5. Neck
6. Stomach
7. Lips
8. Middle of your back, where you can't reach.
9. Eyelids or anywhere close to the eye.
10. Inside your nose.

AzĂșcar said...

Inside upper thigh.


Lessel Peeper said...

First, this is totally disturbing, but not surprising that it appears on my sister's blog.

When I was in the MTC I had a huge lump on the back of my head that managed to pop when I scratched my head during a large group meeting--it was like Niagra falls. I mopped up about a tablespoon of goop with my handkerchief and was totally embarassed. Ah, the good old days.

I once dried off with a towel that was filled with fire ants--5am in Puerto Rico and it was dark. If you thought zits hurt, try ants and water blisters from head to toe (and everything...EVERYTHING in between).

Geo said...

I'm late to this, but I can say with authority that the worst place of all for a zit is inside your grandmother's ear.

haider said...

Basically i have a big red pimple on the end of my nose i tried putting ice on it but it doesn't work. I also tried poking it with a needle and that doesn't work.
I am not getting my permit till this pimple is gone!



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