Sunday, August 27, 2006

Fortune Cookies

My sister-in-law made fortune cookies for dinner today. My 1st grader opened his and read, "You will seek advice from your mother." My brothers started laughing, but when he said, "Wow. That even makes me laugh!" they all just about fell on the floor.

Mothers are underappreciated. And brothers are overrated.

There. Happy now, Klay?


compulsive writer said...

Cool SIL. And amen with you on the underappreciated part.

Try totally unappreciated. I asked my 17-year-old to unload the dishwasher and all I got was a lecture about keeping the Sabbath. (As if I was doing the dishes and cooking a nice dinner for fun!) Somehow he still expected dinner, however.

Yeah, right!

Lyle said...

Advice from parents is overrated when you're a teenager.

I remember when you could get a bag full of fortune cookie rejects from the Bamboo Hut...real cheap...when it was close to Provo High and Hardees was still around....stroll down memory block.

Melody said...

Underappreciated, and so much more! (or less) It cracks me up that I posted a note to you on my blog before I read this post...refer to it for my personal slice of empathy coming your way.

I read a fortune cookie today. It said, "Your children will rise up and call you blessed." Not really, but if I use it as an affirmation, maybe it will happen. I wish good fortune to all mothers everywhere.

Lorien said...

just don't add "...between the sheets" to that one!

Lorien said...
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Elizabeth-W said...

I wish my mom made me fortune cookies for dinner. I am imagining a big huge bowl full of fortune cookies in the center of the table, everyone grabbing a handful and shelling them, if you will. What is a good side dish for fortune cookies?

Lessel Peeper said...

Yes, that cool SIL is my sweet wife. She and our niece had a great time finding fortunes online.

What kind of trouble are you in when your 5-year-old questions your advice? Looks like a long road ahead, sis. :-)

LuckyRedHen said...

I like the fortune cookies at Chinese restaurants that read, "That wasn't chicken."

elasticwaistbandlady said...

My own fortune cookie strip creation would read, "You Will Hunger Again Within One Hour Of Eating."

I'm honest like that.