Saturday, March 31, 2007

Excuse me?

My son S- came home from school yesterday and shouted eagerly,

"Mom! Guess what? We grew weed at school!"


"Yeah, you know. Wheat grass."


Queen Scarlett said...

cute cute cute.

Geo said...

All in the name of Easter, too. Buncha liberals.

Carrotjello said...

Will you be drinking weed grass juice? Is that harmful?

Pappy Yokum said...

There's nothing like the words that come out of a child's mouth. The only way to top that would be if he said it out loud during church!

Deborah Gamble said...

Pottymouth Mom,

I got a bit distracted on your blog looking for an online map of MIA Shalom. I'll get back to that task in a few minutes.

I enjoyed your blog, and you may enjoy reading some funny things my kids say here and here.

Keep up the great blog! I've got you bookmarked.