Monday, February 05, 2007

Tag. I'm it.

My Life. My Card. Because Compulsive tagged me.

My name... almost went to my four older brothers, but they had the wrong equipment to be given a female moniker. And I'm the only child in the family whose name does not begin with "K."

Childhood ambition... (I'm ashamed to admit this one) to be a model. Not much later, thankfully, I decided I wanted to be an electrical engineer. I even took the prerequisite classes at BYU, but then I decided to switch to English.

Soundtrack... "Walkin' on Sunshine" (or whatever it's called)

Retreat... A really good book of fiction.

Wildest dream... which one? I have strange dreams a lot.

Proudest moment... becoming a mother.

Biggest challenge... being patient and keeping my cool with my oldest son.

Alarm clock... goes off at 5:35 am on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays so I can go exercise.

Perfect day... would include reading a good book and going to dinner with my husband.

First job... I did the computer backup for Provo School District for 6 years. It had to be done before 7 am every day.

Indulgence... homemade ice cream, chocolate

Last purchase... groceries.

Favorite movie(s)... Princess Bride, Shrek (1 & 2), Dead Poet's Society, The Emperor's New Groove, etc., etc.

Inspiration... really good music that lifts my heart and makes my spirit soar

My life... is busy.

My card(s)... get paid off every month and give me money back on each purchase. I refuse to be in debt, and I love the irony of my credit card companies paying me to use their cards.

Anyone else want to play? Consider yourself tagged.


Lyle said...

My name...And the first shall be last and the last shall be first.

Alarm clock...There are two 5:35's in a day?

compulsive writer said...

Oh that Lyle!

Welcome back. I was starting to worry about you. And thanks for playing. I love that you went from model to EE to English.

Sarah said...

Homemade ice cream has got to be the best indulgence ever. An ice cream maker is something I've been wanting for years now but have never been able to justify because of my insanely tiny kitchens and lack of storage. But eventually I'll get one and spend the rest of my life looking back on my pre-ice cream maker life with pity.

Model to engineer, eh? What happened to burst your bubble?

becks said...

i love ice cream. it should be a vegetable. as for your oldest son, i saw him working in the lunchroom wearing the most amazing glasses with the attached nose and mustache. my mom and i had a good laugh.

sue-donym said...

I loved hearing the story about your name. It cracks me up. I guess you were just to special to be included with the others.

I'm with Lyle. 5:35 a.m. is still the middle of the night.

~j. said...

Good on you for paying it off each month! What a great example you are.

pflower10 said...

BEFORE 7AM??????? you had to do more before 7AM than most people did before 9AM???? how long did that take you? I am soooo not a morning person. How did you do that? 6YRS of before 7AM, YIKES!!!!

Julie said...

Lyle: Yes. And I'm voluntarily awake for both of them on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Compulsive: Thanks. Glad to be back, sporadic though I may be.

Sarah: I think I'd be in serious trouble if I owned an ice cream maker. I leave it up to my parents (who live just around the corner) to own the maker and create the frozen concoction that is bliss incarnate.

As far as my "career path," I was in 7th grade when I thought I wanted to be a model. 'Nuff said. Age and an older brother who was a EE led me to the more practical (and realistic) choice of engineering. The first EE class I took reduced me to tears and caused me to switch to English. (Really, it's not such a stretch when you consider that my emphasis was technical writing.) I was only one class away from a math minor.

Becks: Sheesh! You saw him wearing those in the school LUNCHROOM??? He took those glasses to school with him the day after chewing his younger brother up one side and down the other for bring a small toy to school. He told him, "It's against all school rules to bring ANY toys to school." He's such a hypocrite.

Sue-donym: There are mornings when I don't want to get up that early. Even in the summer it's still dark. Ugh. But it's the price I have to pay to get a chance to exercise.

~j: Aw, shucks! (blush blush) Seriously, though, I refuse to be in debt to credit card companies. After all, they're the creeps who tried to send me a hug through the mail. Leeches all of them, I say.

pflower10: Doing the system backup was a bit more complicated back then than it is now, but it really didn't take that long. the daily backup (done on T,W,Th,&F) took only about 30 minutes. The weekly backup (done on Saturdays) took 2 or more hours. I had to thread tapes onto a machine and keep track of how many tapes I used. (You can tell how long ago this was.) It was a great job for a H.S. student because I was all done before school even started, and I could do my homework while I was there.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

This comic strip sums up you being out of the family matchy name loop perfectly. Did they call the other members of your family, "The Special 'K's'" too?

I learned the debt lesson the hard way. Dave Ramsey and the teachings of the Church has shown me that I'm a financial heathen. Currently digging ourselves out of hole, little by little. Line upon line. Precept upon precept.

Rachelle Black said...

enjoying your blog tremendously!
Yup... 5am here
Seminary anyone???

b. said...

I like you.

b. said...

wait.....Lyle's name is Lyle Lyle?

Elizabeth said...

I want you homemade chocolate ice cream recipe. Sounds lov-er-ly! Love a good book, too, and I also studied English.