Friday, July 21, 2006

Strange Regrets

I've been thinking about Dalene's blog from the other day. It brought to mind my own gross wound story from last summer and the ensuing regret.

Here's how it all happened: I was doing some mending on my ancient sewing machine. I needed to rethread the bobbin (or the Golden Snitch, as my second son once called it). Meanwhile, son number three, who was almost 2 at the time, was pitching a screaming fit about something. Unfortunately for me, the two activities combined in a most painful manner. I was reaching for the thread as it came up from the bottom at the same moment that my son stomped his little foot forcefully on the foot pedal. Needle met index finger and created a stitch in time--right through my fingernail and out the bottom of my finger.

I yelled and pulled my finger away from the machine, only to be shocked to see the thread pulling away as well. T-- had literally sewn a stitch in my finger. I cut the thread and walked outside to find my husband. His main concern was whether or not I was going to pass out. My main concern was getting that thread out of my finger and making sure the needle hadn't broken off inside. We debated for a while whether or not I should head out to the InstaCare.

In the end, we came inside, soaked my finger (and the thread) in rubbing alcohol, and got out the pliers. Phil pulled that alcohol-soaked thread through my finger and I tried really hard not to cry from the pain. Eventually, it healed just fine. I had to take out some parts of my nail to pull out more thread there about a week after it happened, but after that was out it only took another week to heal.

My only regret?

Not taking a picture of my finger with thread coming out both the top and bottom.


compulsive writer said...

That would've been so COOL! (The photo, I mean, not the part about Phil pulling thread through your finger.)

And, because tales beget tales beget tales...

Last summer my niece and nephew came to spend a few weeks with their favorite aunt. I thought it would be wonderful of me to share the joy of quilting with them and, you know, pass on one of the last of the dying arts...

Both of them got the knack of it pretty quickly and my niece was to the point where I just let her fly. As she was just finishing the last blocks I heard screaming and sobbing and a big "Oh My Gosh!" and ran over to find a needle impaled in her finger.

She was very brave and we got it all out and all was well.

Six months later I got a call. "Guess what's happening to Maddy?" No idea. "The rest of the needle is starting to work its way out of her finger..."

Yuck! Can you imagine?

Lorien said...


I agree, however. All grotesque and painful injuries should definitely be documented.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

My lip just curled waaaayyyy up. It may even be permanently.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

My lip is STILL curled.

Lianne said...

I have done this too... I don't think you can really call yourself a seamstress or a quilter unless you have sewed your finger.

I am so taking my camera with me EVERYWHERE now.

Julie said...

C.W.--Ok, that story tops mine easy. Did you get to see the needle come out? That would be cool. A-- got to watch the InstaCare doc take part of a needle out of my sister's hand. He thought it was way cool.

Lorien--Wanna see some grotesque injury pictures? I'll post some of Phil's eye from three years ago.

EWL--More lip curling to come (see above response to Lorien). And you might not want to keep your lip curled--you know it could freeze like that. Just like those crossed eyes. :-)

Lianne--(sniff) I'm touched that you would classify me as a seamstress. Based on my talent (or lack therof) in the sewing department, I've never called myself by that title. Thanks for the compliment, undeserved though it may be.