Wednesday, June 02, 2010

New Life Comes in Strange Ways

A little over two weeks ago, I took Sweet Boy, Mr. Wiggle Brows, and J Boo up to visit my brother Kerry. I have been wanting to write something about the experience since then, but it's taken me some time to be ready to share. I know many of you have been wondering how Kerry is doing, and I have hesitated to put much about that here because I don't know what Kerry would be comfortable with me sharing. But I have felt strongly since that visit that I needed to put into words what I felt and saw, if only for my own personal benefit.

You should know a little bit about my brother. He is a big guy with a soft heart who prefers to hide behind a gruff, tough exterior. He is stubborn, has a tendency to be prideful, and presents himself as a cocky, scary-looking, tough guy. For a while there, he was shaving his head and had a goatee long enough to put a tiny braid in. (Not his best look, I must say, but it was intimidating, which is what he wanted.) He never seemed to like to show his softer side. As a result, he came across as loud and brash, and it took my children a long time to get used to him and his rough manner of playing with them. In his own neighborhood, however, he is known as the Candy Man, because he always has candy that he gives to the kids, usually against their parents wishes. (Typical Kerry...always a rebel.)

When I walked into his room last week, the toughness was gone. The real Kerry was shining through, glowing like a newborn baby. He is humble, appreciative, and amazed by the love that has been shown to him and his family. The thing that got me the most was when he said, "I am so grateful that this accident happened. I got to see two of my sons grow into men in a very short amount of time. All of us have grown."

I felt as if I was on holy ground.

Physically, there is not much improvement to report. He moves his arms very well, can feel his fingers, but cannot move his fingers. There is nothing else from the chest on down. He gets frustrated, looking at those hands that have built so many amazing things over the years, and then spending hours in rehab trying to thread a string through a bead.

Anticipated release date: end of June
Kerry's goal: to be able to use a manual wheelchair, instead of the electric one

Please continue to pray for him and his family.

To those of you have prayed for him since the first time you heard what happened, a huge thank you from Kerry and from his family.


Melody said...

Sigh. .. thank you for writing this. Everything about it is beautiful.

I like to pray. God bless Kerry.

Carrot Jello said...

That's amazing. God does really work in mysterious ways.