Monday, February 23, 2009

Just a Flesh Wound

As requested, here are some "after" pictures:

That steri strip is driving me bonkers!

But not as much as the rash from the dressing adhesive. This is the biggest patch of it (about as long as my hand and three fingers wide):

I told them I had a tape allergy. (And no, that is not boobage showing. It's my left shoulder, thankyouverymuch.)

On a tangent, here is what Sweet Boy and Too (Mr. Wiggle Brows) were doing tonight with a blanket.

Upon emerging from the cocoon, I asked Too (Mr. Wiggle Brows) if he was now a butterfly.

"No. I'm a biskeeto!"


Mrs. Organic said...

Your scar is looking good. Tape allergies are a b****. Ask for some oral steroids and it will fix you up in no time (you may not be able to sleep, but the hives will go away). The least reactive tapes are tegaderm and mefix.

Elizabeth-W said...

I had that tape allergy when I had my first c/s. I didn't know I had it until then. I blistered like crazy-I mean like oozing blisters. It was bad.
So I feel your pain. Mrs. O has some good advice.
What a cute, tiny scar! :D

B said...

Ouch for the tape allergy! Sorry! But your boys are so cute playing together like that, it gives me something to look forward to.

Samantha said...

Does it itch? I have that same reaction to adhesives--I'd rather bleed than wear a band-aid and live with the rash.

I'm so glad the surgery went well. Here's hoping you'll feel better than ever!

Kengo Biddles said...

Miki used steri-strips for her wrists (she had bi-lateral carpal tunnel surgery before thanksgiving two years back), and the scars are almost unnoticeable from the natural crinkles of her wrist.

And I agree with everyone else -- skin allergies STINK.

Lyle said...

I feel for you. That has got to be one of the worst places to have them cut into you.

The biskeeto picture on the other hand brings in the silver lining to your post.

Geo said...

A biskeeto burrito!