Monday, November 12, 2007

Just when I thought I knew everything about him...

Phil came home and told me he'd gone shoe shopping the other day. With a male coworker. For stilettos.

I'm not kidding.

They were testing some flooring products at work and decided to check durability when put to the stiletto test. What's an engineer (in touch with his sensitive side) to do? Go buy stilettos, of course.


ShopKo. Rich remembered that his wife mentioned a shoe sale going on at ShopKo.

Picture this: two engineers going stiletto shopping. Can you wrap your mind around the idea? (Neither could I, frankly. I'm still in shock. Phil had me weeping with mirth as he told the story.)

I asked Phil, "Didn't you feel uncomfortable at all?"

"No. Not at all."

(That's my guy, I'm tellin' you. He's a total stud.)

When Phil and Rich first arrived, the aisle was empty. This didn't last long. All at once, a whole group of ladies descended on the very aisle that they were shopping in. The women never left. (Can you blame them? How often do you see something like this happening in Utah?)

I would pay good money to have heard their thoughts as they witnessed the conversation:

"Hey, Rich! These black ones look really sexy. Try them on!"

"Great. Do they come in pink?"

He slips them on over his white sports socks and takes a few steps. (Are you picturing this yet?)

"Oh, dang. They're just a little too small. Check for a bigger size, would ya Phil?"

"Got it."

At one point, the sales person came to check on them. (Again, I'd pay through the nose to know exactly what she was thinking.)

"Can I help you find something?"

"No, thanks. We're good."

Yeah, I bet they were.


Corrie said...

Thanks for that laugh. The video was fabulous!

Now, if only your husband could've had a camera on him - I'd pay good money to see those women's faces.

Elizabeth-W said...

Blogger ate my long comment with pithy tranny jokes! :)
Suffice it to say, Phil is a great guy--he must have just been eating it up.

sue-donym said...

I may have to submit this story to our class of '86 website.


compulsive writer said...

You know, because stilettos are sooooo very sexy worn with white socks and pants.

And in size 11 1/2.

Julie said...

I had Phil read through this last night. When he got to the part about the ladies not leaving, he said something like, "Yeah, I never could figure out why they just kept hanging around."

I told him, "Are you kidding? Watching two men try on stilettos--of course they are going to stick around! They would be dying to know what you guys ended up buying."

Phil reminded me that he had asked the salesperson at one point if he and Rich were causing a problem.

"Oh no sir. No problem at all."

I'm sure it made her whole day.

Sue said...

Oh my gosh, that ws hilarious.

Gerb said...

Love it! The question is, who got to take the shoes home?

pflower10 said...

I think the guy in the video walks better in heels than I do!

Needless to say I don't walk in heels very naturally.

pflower10 said...

Will Phil be wearing these shoes on Sunday?

Lyle said...

That ups the ante of guys buying feminine hygiene products.

Carol said...

Hi there. Somehow or other, I came across your blog this evening, and I just HAD to comment as to how hilarious the scenario you described about your husband and the stitettos. Even though I don't know your husband at all, like the ladies in the store, I would have been glued to the same spot to watch them to conclusion. Thanks for a great blog, and keep up the good work. We could ALL use a good laugh, and I'm happy to say your blog does just that. By the way, this is the very 1st time I have ever commented on anyone's blog. Not sure if you should be flattered or scared, LOL. I'm bookmarking your blog and you now have a new, devoted and interested reader...thank you!!!! Carol