Monday, October 22, 2007

It's Just How They Come

I had my three sons in the car with me the other day. It makes for a great captive audience and some pretty interesting conversations, as follows:

Me: So, A--. About this birthday party you have tomorrow. Are you the only boy invited?

A--: Yeah.

Me: Does that embarrass you at all? Won't it be awkward?

A--: No, not really.

S-- (interrupting from the back): You know what's embarrassing, Mom? Going to a birthday party at Build-a-Bear and being the only boy there! Talk about embarrassing! (dramatic sigh accompanies this statement)

[Editor's note: S--'s best friend is a girl. He went to her birthday party in June and was the only boy invited.]

Me (pretending to be exasperated): What am I going to do with you S-- boys? You and all your girlfriends....sheesh! I'm going to have to beat them off with a stick!

A-- (getting defensive as only 11-year-olds can): What's the matter with having girlfriends?

Me (laughing): Nothing at all, son. Nothing at all.

I hope T-- was listening carefully.

Sixteen is going to be sooooo much fun at my house. I can tell already.


Kengo Biddles said...

Wow. I hope you're blogging when they're in the could be some interesting reading. :)

Elizabeth-W said...

I love these conversations :)
In fact, it is directly related to a post I need to be writing about boyfriends and a certain 4 year old I know.

Geo said...

Get that stick ready. The time's coming.

Lyle said...

Our oldest boy has been plagued with being in wards and or neighborhoods that have girls his age, but no boys. It wasn't until cub scouts that he got to hang with boys his own age on a weekly basis.

Carrot Jello said...