Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Feeling Gloopy

Note to reader: Go get some cheese. You'll need some with the whine that follows. Or, perhaps, a raincoat would be helpful for the verbal vomit that will be spewing forth.

I just read CJane's latest post on Segullah. I love CJane, and I love reading her posts. Sadly, she is taking a one-month hiatus from her blog. And I completely understand.

You see, I, too, am feeling gloopy. I had a great weekend planned for the holiday, and then I had to cancel everything. This is what happened:

On Wednesday, while cleaning my sister's house in preparation for our book group on Thursday, I got a call from the school. My second son, S, whispered into the phone, "Mom, my teacher said that I'm coughing and that I have a high fever. Can you come get me?"

I hurried son number three into coat, socks, and shoes (which is a great feat, let me tell you) and headed over to rescue my sick child. I found S in the office looking very wilted. I was confused--he was perfectly fine when I sent him off to school that morning. But, at some point during the day, he experienced an immediate onset of violent chills and a high fever.

Sure enough, the thermometer confirmed that he had a fever. No coughing--just fever. We dosed him up on ibuprofen and catered to his needs. Later, during the middle of the night, S threw up. Lovely. At least he got all of it in the barf bowl that Phil sent to bed with him. Of course, I was the one who got up with him and cleaned everything up.

Thursday, Phil took S to the doctor. We worried about spinal meningitis because of his complaints of neck pain. Thankfully, it wasn't that. He was diagnosed with influenza. (sigh) So much for those flu shots we all got last fall. But then things got worse. He developed severe ear pain. You have to understand that all of my sons have a high tolerance for pain. So when S came into my room in the middle of the night sobbing uncontrollably because his ear hurt, I knew something was seriously wrong. Of course, I'm the one who got up to calm, comfort, and dose up.

Back to the doctor on Saturday. Sure enough--an ear infection. Likely a burst eardrum, given the nasty stuff oozing out of his ear. That started the weekend out nicely. (Have you ever tried to stay on top of ear pain with OTC pain meds? It doesn't work well.)

I went to bed Saturday night after staying up to prepare my Sunday lesson for the Young Women, still hoping that we might still make our plans to play with friends on Monday. Hah. I had to get up again with S to help him with his ear. He wanted to sleep in our bed. Normally, I'd say no, but it was easier to help him that way.

After a restless night, I woke up Sunday morning with a full-blown cold. So much for a fun weekend with friends. I made it through the day and slept soundly Sunday night. (Phil told S to come get him during the night if he needed something.) Lucky for Phil, there were no nighttime wakings.

I spent all day yesterday trying to keep peace between three bored boys, the oldest of which thinks making little brothers cry is an Olympic sport that he intends to qualify for. In between mediation attempts, I tried to nap and rest my weary body. (Have you ever tried to nap with a three-year-old child? They think poking their fingers up your nose every time your eyes close is great fun. He kept telling me, "You not tired, Mommy. I say no, you not tired!")

On top of all that, S went around all day with a tissue stuck in his ear to soak up all the drainage. Dis-gus-ting. Can't send him back to school like that, even if his fever is gone and he's racing around like a banshee.

Thankfully, my dear friend and neighbor, with whom we were supposed to play, called to tell me she was making me dinner. It was nourishing, both body and soul, and it lifted my spirits. Thanks, Katie! (You've never tasted caramel brownies like hers. They are to die for.) I felt loved and blessed.

However, after a mostly sleepless night last night, I am feeling gloopy today. Maybe I'll follow CJane's lead and take a month-long hiatus. Then again, maybe I just need a day or two off to recharge my batteries.

I think I'll start with a shower.


Lyle said...

I hate it when oozing ears get in the way of great weekend plans. Good thing they aren't contagious like the gloopy and whatever cold elastic is passing around.

~cari~ said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. The gloopies are going around. I'm also sorry that your son has been sick. It's so hard to see your kids in pain and sick. You must be exhausted after a weekend like that! You know, it's a miracle how mothers can get so run down nursing their families back to good health and not get sick themselves! I hope you get some rest soon and I hope your son feels better also.

Julie said...

Lyle: Yeah, I hate it when that happens.

Thanks, Cari. Pardon me while I go find yet another tissue for my nose. I should seriously get stock in the Kleenex company for the amount of tissues we go through at my house. (And not just when someone is sick.) Allergies suck. (Pardon my French, ~j.)

Dalene said...

So sorry you went down too. Hope things are looking up your way. (Sorry I didn't know you were sick too, although I think you were better of with Katie's caramel brownies. Mmmmm!)

Take care over there!

becks said...

i'm sorry about your sad weekend. i remember getting earaches when i was younger too and i hated them, but now i know how my mom was feeling. something i get to look forward to when i have kids! wahoo!

Elizabeth-W said...

That is just the worst. When I was in Portland my allergies were so bad there were times I seriously considered putting some slender feminine hygiene products up my nasal cavities. Okay, I admit it-I did actually do it a couple times when I was all alone.
My favorite part is about how the children always come to the mommy first in the middle of the night. :) Wishing you a speedy recovery and no repeat passing of the germs throughout the household.

Geo said...

Oh, Julie, that's all perfectly awful. Hopefully, ofr your sake and ours, you will feel great again after a briefer-than-a-month hiatus. Good luck.

Sarah said...

I'm jealous that c jane has the will-power to take a month off. I start getting edgy after 24 hours. I'm pretty sure if I took a whole month off I'd realize that life is a lot more fun when you aren't stuck in front of your computer every second and never come back to the blog. On second though...

Carrotjello said...

Oh please don't take a hiatus. Take a pregnancy test instead. Maybe you're preggers. JK. Hope you feel un-gloopy soon.

compulsive writer said...

Two words:

Puffs Plus!

The Daredevil Mom said...

Yes, yes! I second that motion! Puffs Plus, by the three-pack!

Kengo Biddles said...

I, too, feel gloopy, so have a cyber-hug, go get some Ben&Jerry's or something that will remind you of the power that you have over Satan, having a physical body, and that it's him trying to distract you into staying down.

And then do as my mom says (and I cring saying this, but,) "Let's think of something to be glad about!"

AzĂșcar said...

"Hey, hey, HEY, MAMA, wake up, WAKE UP. Don't go sleep. WAKE UP"

pflower10 said...

I loved your visit today!! B is so excited to go get the piano books. ANNNNNDDDDD when I read your blog I was able to picture you telling me this story and I still felt your pain!! Please don't take as long as a break as cjane, I don't think that I could handle that!!

kengo biddles-
I laughed and laughed about you putting up your nose those thingys LLLOLOLOOLOLOOLOOL.....And do I detect a touch of Pollyanna in that last statement??

Julie said...

Aww, shucks everyone. Thanks for all the well wishes and cyber hugs. I'm finally feeling like I'm among the living today.

Elizabeth: I will never look at a tampon the same way again. Ever. But I must ask--did it really work? Because there are times when my allergies are so out of control I might actually consider that as an option.

Carrot: Your suggestion of taking a Preggo test must have been enough of a shock to my poor system to kick start the immune response. Thanks.

Kengo: I'll go for Ben & Jerry's any time, but I think I'll pass on your mom's advice. It kinda gave me the shudders. No offense. But when I'm sick, I'd rather be realistic and wallow in the misery for a couple of days and then, when I start to feel better, revel in the recovery.

Azucar: Uh-huh. You know it, sister.

Becks: I, too, remember having ear infections when I was young. I think that's why I felt so sympathetic towards S. And that's why you'll cringe when your own children get them.

Compulsive & Daredevil: Thanks for the two words and the seconded motion. I had no idea that Puffs Plus came in a three-pack. Next time I have a horribly runny nose, I'll get Puffs Plus and the smallest size of tampon out there. Of course, given the size of my nose, I could probably squeeze one of those super-size ones up there.

Geo: Thank you sincerely for your kind words. I could even picture you saying them. (Of course, it helps that I've now seen you a few times in person.)

Pflower10: No worries about my hiatus. It was brief. Miserable, but brief. I can't stay away from blogging for very long. Thanks for letting me crash your day today. It was fun to chat and play your new piano. And I'm excited to see how you and your kids do with Suzuki!

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Waaaahhhhhhh! I hate it that everybody is feeling so sick. I'm just now fully getting over whatever plague I had from last week just in time to help my kids whose sickness is just now burgeoning forth with snot running everywhere.

Lyle better stop pointing that accusatory finger. I sprayed Lysol all over the screen and keyboard to protect you Julie. Oh, and I make really good cream cheese brownies. Which I'd serve to you on my dollar store siver platter if we lived closer.

compulsive writer said...

Hope everyone is feeling better your way. It's hard not to feel gloopy when the air is so gloopy!

Sketchy said...

Uggh poor boy...poor Mama...

Hope you're all feeling better soon.