Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Favorite News Story of the Day

This makes me giggle. Can you picture it? A rogue knitter making sweaters for tree branches and lamp poles under cover of darkness. I love it. What would you call this person? I like The Purl Shadow. And how about a name for the sidekick? Hmm...maybe The Drop Stitch.


Anonymous said...

This story made me and Miki laugh - the names you've picked are great!

I wonder if this is "performance" art or mental illness or something else, all-together?

Anonymous said... is life for you ? I haven't seen you since visiting your house probably 16 years ago when you lived in Layton --- do you still live up North?

Queen Scarlett said...

It's you isn't it. I knew it. ;-)

Sister Pottymouth said...

Thanks, Kengo! I wondered the same thing. But I think it's awesome.

Tami: Life is challenging. We live back down south again, about half a block from my parents. My kids will be Bulldogs.

QS: Yeah, sure. If I could knit, I would totally claim responsibility! As it is, I don't know the difference between a knit and a purl, except to know that there is a difference.

Gerb said...

We must be related. I posted the same thing yesterday and am still fascinated by the brilliance of it. Who comes up with things like this? Some stealthy ninja-knitter genius, that's who!