Monday, January 07, 2008

These Are a Few of My Favorite Names...

When my brother and his wife and kids read about this experience, and since their family missed out on the fun, they decided to join in the game. On Christmas Eve, they gave me the following note:

We heard about your naming dilemma, and we were feeling a little left out. So we thought of a few names that we are sure you will like equally well. We even alphabetized them for easy reference.




Dorcas, Drusilla








Ladybird, Lulu

Magnolia, Miep (see
Anne Frank)














K--, S--, B--, E--, A--, D--

Thanks, guys. I'm still laughing.


Sue said...

Definitely Ursula. That would never lead to playground teasing.


Elizabeth-W said...

That is a great list! Is someone in that family a fan of Barbie movies? :)

NOBODY said...

Awesome suggestions! I hope you can find something you can use.

When I was about 10, my brother and I met a girl named Dorcas. When she told us that was her name, we both burst out laughing. We weren't mean kids---we truly thought she was joking, and she said it so convincingly. When she told my brother it was from the bible, he said something like, "What, the Geeks version or something?"
Boy did my mom let us have it when we got home and told her about the "silly girl" and what we'd said.
Still! Dorcas? Come ON!

Queen Scarlett said...

If you name her Imelda... make sure you give her a BIG closet just for shoes.

That's a list you put in her memory that when the time comes that she gets annoyed with her name - you can say... well these are what we were thinking of naming you. ;-)

Corrie said...

Seriously, what's wrong with Xena?

Julie said...

Corrie: Remember this show? That's what's wrong with Xena.

QS: As soon as she gets a baby book, that list will be the first thing in it. Given the way names come in and out of fashion, she'll probably decide to use one of those for her own daughter. Yikes.

Nobody: My mom knew a couple who picked out a lovely name for their daughter, but when it came time to bless the baby, the father was so nervous he forgot what the name was. The only name that came to him was Dorcas. So Dorcas it became. (Although "Geeks version" of the Bible sounds totally AWESOME!)

Elizabeth: Absolutely not. (Thank heavens.) But I'll be sure to suggest it to my brother. He'll absolutely die!

Sue: Snerk on. I, myself, am somewhat partial to Hepzibah after reading this book many times as a child.

compulsive writer said...

Tallulah is really nice with a Belle tacked onto the end.

Or how about Tawanda?

Gerb said...

My favorite is Queenie. Isn't that something people name their dog? My favorite laugh over a real, live name that I have heard for a boy is: Castle. I'm not even kidding. I listened to the mom call him that a few times at the dentist's office to be sure I was hearing it right. Maybe the girl name Princess would go well with that?

Julie said...

CW: Oh, of course you have to add Belle to Tallulah. It just fits. I think Winnie or Winifred should be added to the list too.

Gerb: Castle?!?!? Ohhhhhh that's bad. Maybe Moat for the girl name? Or Battlement? Or Buttress? Hmmmm. This could be fun.

Phil's niece knows a family who loves all things cowboy, so they named one of their sons Brodeo and their daughter Justa Cowgirl.

Kalli Ko said...

Um, I legitimately have a great Aunt Karma.

She has red hair and makes peacock feather sculptures.


Shar-bear said...

We hated when people would ask what we were going to name our kid, so we would tell them,

"Well, when we thought we were going to have twins, we were going to name them Cain and Able. Now that we're just having one, we've decided on Cable."

That shut them up pretty quickly.

Lisa said...

Oh, I just saw this and was going to come here and tell you that when I was a kid I knew a girl named Dorcus. Then I saw that Nobody knew someone named Dorcus. I didn't know anyone named Nobody, so maybe there are 2 Dorcus' in the world. But don't let that stop you....