Monday, October 23, 2006


As requested by TMM, I will now attempt to write something insightful about the following words: incredible, printer, Mommy, and rose.

1. Incredible (adj.) Looking at the word parts, it should mean something not believable or credible. Most people choose to use it to mean something amazing or awe-inspiring. In my opinion, Bill Clinton fits the first definition. As for the second definition, well, I know lots of things/people/places that inspire awe and amazement. Music--really good music--can break through the darkness of depression and make me feel things that I haven't felt in months. That's incredible to me. My husband, who has to live with chronic pain, is an incredible person. My boys, who are way too smart for me, are incredible. The mountains, especially in the fall, are incredible. Catalina Island, specifically Avalon, is an incredible place for me.

2. Printer (n.) Mine sits to the right of my monitor. It is a black & white laser printer, which means I don't yet live in a modern world where I can print my own color photos. But it's a good little printer that has served me well. It's especially good for stacking papers that I mean to take care of eventually. It's so nice and warm up there that the papers stay for a long time. I would too, if I could.

3. Mommy (n.) That's what my kids call me until they are about 4 years old or so. Then I become "Mom." I work at home, but I don't get paid money for what I do. If I did get paid, I think I'd be rich. Anyone who has to expose themselves to raw sewage (albeit contained, hopefully) several times daily ought to be paid really well.

4. Rose (v., adj., n.) That's what the sun did this morning. When it sets, it turns the sky I can see outside my living room window that color. And it's one of my favorite flowers. I like the fire and ice variety. If you're into flowery names, I suppose you could go with Rose for a girl. I don't think a boy would appreciate it much. I'm fascinated by the meanings that people attach to the colors of the flower.

Okay, now it's your turn. Your words are creek (pronounced "crick" if you're from Utah), orange, nauseous (not nauseated--there is a difference), and server. And I tag compulsive, Lorien, Eating Paste, and anyone else who wants to play.


compulsive writer said...

Love Fire and Ice, too. And Moon Shadow.

I'll bite. I'll just have to ponder a bit first and see what comes to mind.

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

Thanks for playing, and THANK YOU for pointing out that nauseous and nauseated are two different things. Yay!!!

My 14 year old son still forgets and calls me "Mommy" pretty often... and I'm totally OK with that. Maybe when he's 45, it'll start being creepy. ;)

Lyle said...

hmmmm. cheap colored ink jet or more expensive higher quality b&w laser....that's a tuff choice. Too bad them there fancy smancy colour laser printers don't have a smaller price tag.

Elizabeth-W said...

Loved the incredible=Bill Clinton comment! Is it incredible that his wife may run for president, and people have joked that he will try to get on her ticket? :)

Gloria Glo said...

What a fun little game! I'm very fond of the wordsmithing. And I love what the words mean to you...i thought I'd seen every MEME out there...huh.

Queen Scarlett said...

I'm with you on the paid well for raw sewage... just the smell itself is worth something. ;-)

AND... never met anyone else that loved fire and ice roses... YAY!!! Most of the time... when I was dating the guys had such a hard time finding them... or getting what they were. ;-)